Svea J-S1 is the newest member of the revered J-Class and is considered a harmonious blend of historic and modern design.

The original lines for this Super-J were by Swede Tore Holm in 1937 but the yacht was never built. In addition to the original drawings, there was also a half hull produced at the Tore Holms Yachtvarv in Gamleby Sweden in 1937/38. Today, this half hull, remains in the care of the Svennefalk family, who acquired it in 1959 when Nils Svennefalk bought the Gamleby shipyard.

Holm’s drawings were eventually discovered by yachting historian John Lammerts van Beuren. Andre Hoek reworked the design to make it competitive for modern day racing, and now, this remarkable yacht is the longest modern J-Class at 143ft (43.6m).

2017 – America’s Cup Superyacht Regatta (won her second ever race)
2017 – America’s Cup J Class Regatta
2017 – completed in the J Class World Championship, Newport RI

Research using our Hoek’s velocity prediction programmes and computational fluid dynamic calculations show Svea to be particularly fast upwind and her aluminium construction with an emphasis on longitudinal stiffness will absorb high runner loads for optimal headstay tension.

Svea’s deck geometry is markedly different from other modern Js with two large working cockpits fore and aft of a relatively small companionway doghouse. There’s a vast amount of room for mainsheet, runner and headsail trimmers in the aft cockpit and the recessed pit forward of the house provides plenty of room and protection for the mid-deck and mast crew.

Another key feature is an over-size steering wheel, half of which is recessed below decks. The diameter allows the helmsman to position himself far enough outboard to get a good view of the headsail tell-tales, something which is difficult on other Js. A Southern Spars carbon rig package will be stepped and the hull colour for this giant J is to be a distinctive grey.

She has been luxuriously fitted out below and Dutchman Pieter Beeldsnijder, well known for his exceptional hand sketching, masterminded the below-decks looks with the Hoek office developing the accommodation drawings using our latest computer programmes. After the sad passing of Pieter Beeldsnijder, deVosdeVries design was brought in to complete interior hardware detailing, soft furnishings and support Vitters Shipyards during interior construction and fit out.